• Talking to my roommate in the hospital, we were talking about Doctor Who. Her dad comes in and joins the conversation without missing a beat. I love her dad.
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I disagree. I mean, if my girlfriend was crying all I would do it put on an episode of Doctor Who with the Doctor and Rose and wait for the happy feels to take over and make he feel better.

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on a scale from Matt Smith to Daniel Radcliffe how hairy are your eyebrows

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it wouldn’t be valentines day if we didn’t share something about cat-love. (by wendy macnaughton. from the forthcoming book Lost Cat.)

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Valentine’s Day GIF-O-Gram

One last Valentine for our Tumblr fans with a little help from tonight’s guest, Molly Shannon!

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Please reblog. Notice it says tomorrow, and I just got it.

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  • I am really excited for school to start and I was wondering if you were too. I know i dont have too many followers but i still love all you guys you make me feel important and like i have a reason to be on tumblr. if you ever have any questions let me know
  • Question: Hey I like your blog.. anyway is BackToSchoolGiftCards(.)com legit? My step sister said she got a $500 pizza hut giftcard from FedEx on Friday but I'm skeptical.. You seem smart so tell me what you think. - Anonymous
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    i dont think it is. i dont normally believe in things like that. i would normally go to the sight and check it out and see what you think. i am skeptical of that website too


I am happy because I now sit next to my crush in spanish but sad because im pretty sure hes going out with this girl who i know is a bitch


things said in my English Class:

I am turkey

that dog isnt fat its puppy

my goal in life is to be the south african santa clause

Taylor Swift is locked in Michael Jordans basement

I gots a scragley beard

not terradactyle dactyle

(kid touches projector) Teacher: don’t touch that its worth more than you